To win a fight - you need a plan

You can't win a fight without a plan!

You can't win a fight without a plan!

We are all fighting for something. While we associate the concept of fighting with combat sports there are so many fights in the world. We fight for our businesses, our politics, even for the relationships in our lives.

I have fought many times in my life. I have fought MMA, Muay Thai, and Brazillian Jui Jitsu. But I have been in fights every day for all the other things in life. I have fought for the people of Wyoming in the capacity of a state legislator. I have fought for my clients as an advisor. I have fought for my marriage. Currently, I am fighting for the love of my newly adopted son Brant.

If you are going to fight for something, you will have a better chance if you develop a plan. We are all fighting for something. In my life, I have fought MMA and Muay Thai. But there are so many more fights. I have fought for my marriage, my business, the people of Wyoming in the legislature, the love of my friends and community. Today, now, I am fighting for the love of my son, Brant.

Prepping for battle is the same, regardless of the fight. You need help and you need a plan.


Make plan

Plan to meet your goals. Plan to compete in a fight. Any fight needs a plan.



Having the expertise to help you in your fight is paramount. In MMA you need a coach to push you and teach you. In relationships, you may need a counselor to help you communicate better. In business, you need industry experts to help you grow in ways you may not have even thought about. In finance, you need an advisor to guide you on your retirement path.


Learning new material

You will need to be ready to learn. In combat sports, you learn new techniques. In finance, you add asset classes. I'm relationships you learn how to express your needs differently. That learning will be necessary for your battle. If you already had the skills, it wouldn't be a fight.



After finding your coach, the most important thing you can do is put in the reps. We all get better with reps at everything. In MMA you train new techniques. In relationships, you try asking in a different way. In business, you add to your services to help your clients. In finance, you make contributions and rebalance your portfolio regularly.


Adjust your plan

Mike Tyson said, "Everyone has a plan till they get hit in the face." When the fight doesn't go perfectly, be prepared to work with your coach, adjust your technique, learn even more material, add extra reps and adjust again.


Commit to the outcome

If you don't believe in the outcome and can't visualize your hands being help up in victory, then no plan will work. Fight, fight, fight!